Being Vegan – The First 18 months Of Eating Out

WARNING. Some ranting here.

Catering for vegans, you would think with all the options nowadays that it wouldn’t be painful. Here’s a list of the good, the bad and the downright shameful eating out experiences that we’ve enjoyed/endured for your reading pleasure.

There are some chefs and restaurants that think that taking away the meat and the dairy makes the dish vegan. Yes okay, technically it does, but we long for the day for some thought and imagination.

  • We called ahead, but all we got were cold vegetarian sausages in a bap at The Lock Inn, Bradford-on-Avon.
  • Nandos in Trowbridge was a pretty shameful experience. A mushroom in a bun topped off with the world’s worst service thank you very much.

Maybe this was it, the best it was ever going to be? The pinnacle of our vegan eating out experience? The best was yet to come.

  • Creamed Tea at the Mecure Hotel in Bristol for a company event. Being the only vegan I guess they thought they would offer, biscuits, strawberries and a nutty bar. That day, I had volunteered to take photographs for the event so I was pre-occuppied by getting some nice images… of everyone else enjoying scones, jam and cream. Well, I guess I asked for all this did’t I?

There is a sense that if we upset the vegans enough, that they’ll just give in and start eating meat and dairy again. Or we just don’t know what being vegan means, and we don’t have the means to find out.

  • December 2017 and we are at a Christmas Do organised by Wiltshire Council. I felt bad about complaining about this, especially since it was a free event but something was really nagging at me. In the interest of fairness and equality I finally thought, I had to point out there ARE vegetable spreads available in shops so you don’t just have to slap some cabbage and leaves into white bread and call it a vegan sandwich!
  • The Carpenters Arms, Lacock, different place, same sandwich concept.

Let’s restore some much needed balance to the Force. Here’s a list of the best places we’ve found to eat vegan here in the South West. There is hope.

Be warned, its not a very long list (because we just can’t handle the disappointment and heartbreak).

  • The Cafe Italiano in Trowbridge is an authentic Italian restaurant and never disappoints. They have been gracious enough to allow us to bring in our own vegan cheese to melt onto their pizza. Or get an extra topping instead of cheese.
  • The Lamb On the Strand in Semington provided the most imaginative and generous buffet ideas to date, we were blown away with their hospitality.
  • Valeroso Lounge in Trowbridge has a dedicated Vegan menu. I’m sure you can feel the delight emanating from this screen.
  • The Codfather, Trowbridge – Chips and THE best curry sauce.

And that’s it.

You can imagine how ridiculously stressful eating out becomes, when it should be the opposite. Over the next 18 months I promise to venture further out and try new places.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Coming Soon. Take-aways.