The Wild Beckons

I’ve been waking up at between 1am sometimes 3am to be greeted by the silhouette of a little skinny fox eating the nuts left out for the birds. On other nights we’d see a portly badger moving around our front garden, sometimes knocking over the bird table to get at the seed.

Tonight as I said good night to my little girl, I went into the kitchen and chopped up some apple and carrots, placed it on a little plate and left it on the front lawn. Carefully positioned to catch the street lights.

As I walk back into the house, a fleeting thought what it must be like to live like this, to be free?

I later fire up the Kindle and continue with my sample chapter.

Over the passed week my wife and I realise that we have both had the same aspiration. What would it be like to sell the house and travel the world, in a van.

How to cope with the children? Lack of space and downsizing? Leaving everything behind? How would we survive? There are countless doubts and logistical problems to overcome but I am comforted by a thought that continually reverberates through my mind these days “You have everything you need. You’ve ALWAYS had everything you need”.

I’ve just finished the sample chapter,  How To Live In a Van and Travel by Mike Hudson.  The prospect brings a surge of excitement. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

I will keep you posted.

Photo by Juan from Pexels