Hello, my name is Mulk Raj and welcome to Hope and the Magnolia. I am a full-time software developer living in the south west of England with a new mission.

We each live through difficult times. The more we can share our stories and experiences, the more I feel we can connect.

In recent years, I realise that I have a natural obsession with exploring health, happiness and becoming more conscious of the world around me. This blog recounts this journey.


My mission is to help eradicate animal suffering and cruelty through raising awareness, providing alternative food and products and empower individuals to become creative and strategic towards their own health goals.


  • Care – To provide protection and well-being for people and animals.
  • Compassion – To alleviate suffering.
  • Conscious – To be aware of and value one’s own existence. To be aware of one’s own needs, behaviours and attitudes and how we individually shape the world around us.

Thank you for reading.