Hello and welcome to Hope and the Magnolia.

We each live through difficult times. The more we can share our stories and experiences, the more we can connect and help one another.

Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Mulk Raj. I am about full-time software developer living in the south west of England. In my spare  time however I realise that I am learning of my commitment to bring about real, positive change in the world.

I was once dependent upon alcohol, an overweight smoker an idiot trapped in a world that I had created. I dreamt of success, living the life with the woman of my dreams and raising a family.

But at the time, I was in a loveless, long-term relationship consumed by anger, insecurity and fear. Where did it all go wrong? It’s as if I had created an insecure little world for myself and I dare not venture outside of the bubble.

But things were getting progressively worse.

I had no control over my drinking, my smoking and my desires. I hated my job, my career and my place in the world. My relationship was close to the end, but I was so afraid of what awaited on the other side, I dare not end it. I thought there was only thing left to do. I should make a marriage proposal.

The dreams of becoming the man I wanted to be were dying a little everyday as I stepped further into the maelstrom, and she had said ‘no’.

This was the event that spun my world completely up-side down, that blasted me into reality and changed the shape of things to come.

With very little experience of life outside of my little plastic world, I realised I was completely out of touch with reality. I just needed to get far away as possible and start again.

Starting a new job in the South West of England was the beginning.

I still needed to rescue myself from debt, quit smoking, stop drinking myself stupid, drag myself out of depression and learn the value of honouring myself.

Meeting one’s soulmate has a lot to do it.

Without her love and support, I am nothing.

Since we met I have quit smoking, quit drinking, lost 3 stone in weight, started running half-marathons, 10Ks, off-roads races, achieved a brown belt in kickboxing, adopted a little girl and recently became vegan.

It’s time to stop, reflect and celebrate our lives and toast to our successes.

This blog recounts my journey and the lessons learned and the wisdom gained along the way. When I was in my deepest, darkest lowest times, I knew I was not completely lost, I had faith: there was always hope.

Life’s purpose or mission

If you’re still reading, then let me into a little secret. I’ve been undergoing only what I can term as a spiritual awakening lately. Since letting go of a great many things over the past 10 years I think I have some idea of my life’s purpose. My purpose is to help create a more conscious, caring and compassionate world. Let me know if I’m succeeding or failing on my mission.

Thanks for reading.